Tilting Maze

Tilting Maze


A tilting maze controlled using an accelerometer, whose input was translated into the rotation two stepper motors, which controlled the orientation of the maze. A LabVIEW Virtual Instrument and NI DAQ Board was used to interface the devices. The maze, both frames, bases, and support, were all designed using the CAD software Creo PTC, and then 3D printed using a MakerBot 3D Printer.

I learned a great deal from this project starting from scratch in both hardware and software and applying many of the principles of engineering design to create a working prototype. 

Virtual Instrument Design

Designed in National Instruments LabVIEW.

Physical and Computer Aided Design

Design in Creo PTC, the final dimensions of the model were a width of 125 mm, length of 155 mm, and a height of 60 mm. 

Hardware Interfacing and Testing

Equipment: NI DAQ Board, ADXL330 Accelerometer, 2 Small Reduction Stepper Motor, 2 ULN2003 Stepper Drivers, Power Supply, and lots of wires.