Golf Cart Transmission

Golf Cart Transmission


My Machine Analysis and Design project was a source of great growth, challenging me to gain more technical skills through hands on experience. My team decided to design a transmission for an electric golf cart. An open-ended problem with no singular solution just endless possibilities limited only by our ability to work and learn together.

The transmission need to allow a typical golf cart with a cruising speed of 10 MPH to be power by a 1000 W 3000 RPM electric motor. To accomplish this a double reduction gear train with a total 10:1 gear ratio was created. Nitrated AISI 4340 was used for the gears, Cold Rolled SAE 1010, and 1020 for keys and shafts respectively. Selection of gear ratio was trivial, but things such as face width, gear material, gear placement, shaft length, shaft material, had to be iteratively changed as we analyzed the system.


CAD Prototype

Shaft Analysis

MATLAB was used to analyze the material properties, stresses, bending and surface fatigue of the components to ensure all safety factors were above 5 and would withstand a regular use for 10 years .

Shaft 1

Shaft 2

Shaft 3