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FEM of Human Head

Finite Element Model of Human Head


The long-term effect of sports-related concussions has become a public health concern over the past decade as the media continues to spotlight the dangers Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Knowledge of the effects of concussions is limited by the lack of physical symptoms that present themselves when someone experiences a concussion. It is imperative to identify an alternate route to concussion diagnosis. Our design team created a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) model of the human skull and brain that can take a vector input representing an impact and translate the data into an output that describes how the impact affected the brain. The research market offers models that perform similar computations. However, our model is the only open-source model that maintains a high degree of analytical accuracy. It is the design team’s goal that this model will put the power of concussion diagnosis at the fingertips of athletes and trainers everywhere, creating a safer competitive environment for all.

Mesh Creation

Explicit Dynamics