About Me

About Me

Florida Atlantic University’s  Diversity Mural  by  Marlon Pruz

Florida Atlantic University’s Diversity Mural by Marlon Pruz

Ernest Gustave

I am a Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate with a Computer Science minor at Vanderbilt University seeking a position involving robotics and autonomous vehicles.

I have research experience in Computational Fluid Dynamics and Multi-Physics Modeling having used ANSYS Fluent and COMSOL to create multi-physics models of combustion chambers, light bulbs, and circuit board cooling.

I’ve gained practical experience in Mechatronic and Robotics through involvement in a team of multidisciplinary undergraduate and graduate students developing an autonomous golf cart. This work was supplemented with course work in Mechatronics and Robotics classes.

I also keep a healthy interest in Visual Art namely Industrial and Product Design, Drawing and Painting. Earning Plaza Artist Material’s Honorable Mention for painting during my sophomore year.

My interest in the world of science and engineering was fostered by childhood readings of Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, and Wired magazine filled descriptions and imagery of past, present, and future technology. It is something that I have kept and grown throughout my studies learning and applying the knowledge and skills that make those marvels possible.